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When we no longer
know what to do,
we have come to our real work,
and when we no longer
know which way to go,
we have begun our real journey.

                              - Wendell Berry 

Sun rising on a sea of clouds - Olympic Peninsula, WA

Image by André Roma

If you’re here

If you’re here, there is adversity: a little, or a lot.

If you’re here, you feel that something needs to change.

If you’re here, a part of you recognizes healing is possible. 

Transformation is not limited to a few. Healing is natural. Given the right conditions, nature does it, our body does it, our heart does it. I have witnessed this healing force in myself, as well as in the people with whom I have had the privilege to work, even the ones who were not fully convinced it was possible. Working in a suicide prevention center in my early career taught me about the spectrum of ways we suffer, as well as instilling a fundamental trust in the human ability to face and to creatively move beyond that distress. It gave me an unshakable faith in our innate capacity to heal. If you are having a hard time, don’t give up. The struggle is part of the journey. It is perfectly normal to aspire to something different. From my heart to yours I tell you, do not despair. Life is messy, but you are not messed up. Asking for support and guidance is brave. We don't have to do this alone. And indeed, you are not alone.

Image by Andreea Chidu

I believe

I believe that we are our very own source of wisdom, though sometimes we need support to uncover it (I surely did).

I believe that our suffering doesn’t have to be meaningless, it can be a portal for transformation.

I believe that knowing ourselves is paramount; we cannot heal what we are not aware of.

I believe that our ability to create meaning is a superpower which defines the quality of our lives.

I believe that rules and labels constrain us, while structures and systems encourage and help us.

I believe that our hearts are infinitely resilient despite what our minds would want us to believe. 

I believe that we’re less in need of fixing, and more in need of support to emerge from under the layers of conditioning.

I believe that befriending our imperfections is daring and healing in and of itself.

I believe that learning and relearning is how we transform and grow, forever and ever.

I believe that regulating our nervous system is the foundation for healing, resilience, and connection.

I believe that radical acceptance is counterintuitive, yet the fastest route to change.

I believe that self-awareness, self-responsibility, and self-compassion is sexy.

I believe that emptying ourselves from our old stories makes room for remembering who we are.

I believe that healing ourselves is the most impactful thing we can do to change the world.

Image by Mohamed Nohassi

What does it mean to heal?

Healing is not necessarily about eradicating challenges, fears, and pains from our lives, nor is it about not feeling triggered, confused, or stuck ever again. As life continues to unfold, we may continue to be challenged at times, yet healing allows us to…

  • expand our capacity to manage the complexity of our lives, both internally and externally, when before we felt mostly overwhelmed.

  • breathe spaciousness into our experiences enabling us to slow down and make conscious choices, when before we could not sense any other way.

  • cultivate, enjoy, and embody more joy, freedom, creativity, and aliveness, when before we often experienced deprivation and hardship

  • navigate triggers and emotions as valuable messengers in order to access the insights they contain, when before we felt stuck in the experience

  • regain our innate power to create a life that is balanced, meaningful, and purposeful, when before we felt paralyzed and vulnerable.

  • experience a deeper sense of connection and belonging with ourselves and others, when before we felt unfulfilled, challenged, or isolated

  • create and prioritize practices that integrate our body, mind, heart, and soul to keep us centered, when before we felt scattered and unsteady.

  • feel held by ourselves by expressing compassion and gentleness for our tender spots and falls, when before we felt defective and deficient.

  • trust our inner truth and cultivate a healthy sense of confidence and self-esteem, when before we felt confused and powerless.

  • gracefully move through the unavoidable life transitions and cycles with courage and trust, when before we felt lost or betrayed by life.

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